Jaisalmer Jeep Safari

jeep safari jaisalmer

Jeep Safari Tours

Jaisalmer Jeep Safari, the most exciting activity after camel safari. Guests enjoy a jeep ride for 45-60 mins at the sand dunes of Sam.

We offer a few Jaisalmer Jeep Safari tours & you can choose the one which is perfect for you.

Our Jaisalmer Jeep Safari tours:
  1. 45-60 minute Jeep Safari
  2. Jeep Safari with dance & dinner
  3. Jeep Safari with camp stay

Jeep Safari Tours

45-60 minute Jeep Safari tour

A basic jeep safari tour, where you need to arrive at Sam sand dunes & from there we will begin our Jeep Safari tour at the sand dunes.

The tour duration is for 45 to 60 minutes & starting/ finish point will be the same.

In all these 3 tours, a jeep safari is common, and in tour 2 & 3 we have added extra activities & facilities like:

  • Private taxi transfer
  • Dinner dance program at camp
  • Overnight camp stay.
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Jeep Safari with dance & dinner

This is a 7-8 hour tour which will start from pickup at your hotel in Jaisalmer city (around 3-4 pm) & drop back at 11 pm. Here the tour inclusions are:

  • Private taxi transfer (pickup & drop)
  • Jeep safari tour between 5 to 7 pm
  • Musical & dance program with buffet dinner from 7 to 10 pm

Jeep Safari with camp stay

Get the real experience of desert safari & camping at Jaisalmer with an overnight stay at a desert camp in Sam Jaisalmer. In this tour, the itinerary is:

  • Pickup from Jaisalmer at 3 pm on day 1
  • Check-in at desert camp by 4 pm
  • Explore the sam dunes & enjoy jeep safari tour
  • Enjoy dinner & dance program at the camp.
  • Night stay at camp
  • Morning breakfast at the camp & checkout by 10-11 pm
  • Optional sightseeing tour of a few sites in desert & are on-route to Jaisalmer city
  • Drop back at Jaisalmer city before lunch time.